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Recruitment at Blakewater Certus Solicitors

Blakewater Certus Solicitors are always interested to hear from applicants with good skills or good training enquiring as to the current availability of positions within the firm for legal or non-legal staff.

When in early 2010 Blakewater Certus Solicitors were awarded the Investors in People Award the assessment report read:
“People understand and live the practice ethos on client care: ‘it’s the partners top priority, everything is done to keep the client happy and get their matter sorted as quickly as possible’; ‘it’s only by providing a very good service that we’ll be able to grow the firm”

investors in people

Blakewater Certus Solicitors continues and further reinforces the following areas of existing good practice:

Leadership and management of the organisation is very effective. The partners have provided a clear vision and strategy for the firm. People interviewed had great confidence in the abilities of the partners, and partners and line managers were seen as being very open and approachable and supportive of staff.
Learning and development is very effective. People are developed to their optimal potential, clearly to the benefit of the business and the individual concerned. The development and encouragement of staff from entry level positions into more senior roles is clearly beneficial for the firm and for the individuals concerned.
Communications in the practice are thought to be excellent, with open plan working though not just to improve communications but also to provide constant learning opportunities.
Work and Home Life Balance is well understood and managed and the flexibility with which people are managed is much appreciated by staff.
People interviewed felt valued, trusted and appreciated, and very happy to be working for Blakewater Certus Solicitors.”

Therefore if you wish to become part of this dynamic successful team then please send your applications to The Recruitment Partner with a typed CV and, in the case of legal staff, a handwritten covering letter is always helpful.