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Landlord and Tenant: Commercial

We combine specialised knowledge and practical experience in dealing with this complicated area of the law.

We are able to assist you in all areas of commercial landlord and tenant litigation and dispute.

For example :

  • Break notices;
  • Dilapidations;
  • Forfeiture;
  • Section 25 Notices;
  • Lease renewals and Section 26 Notices;
  • Possession claims;
  • Recovery of rent and other arrears;
  • Service charge issues;
  • Property related insolvency;

Our clients include investment landlords, tenants and developers.

We will work with you – and with your other professional advisers – to resolve matters as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

This may mean resolving a dispute at the advisory stage through early negotiations but, if proceedings are necessary, we will ‘fight your corner’ presenting a robust case to the court.

We adapt our approach to the individual case, developing a strategy to best meet your commercial aims.

Cases we have acted on

  • Acted for a Tenant who had sub-tenanted a Unit to a car sales business. No formal lease had been agreed between the parties and our client’s tenant stopped paying the rent. On this occasion our client evicted the sub-tenant who then made an application for an injunction to regain entry. We managed to defeat the application successfully.
  • Our client struggled to pay the mortgage and was evicted. We made an application to the Court querying the circumstances in which our client was evicted. Following the initial directions hearing we managed to negotiate to allow our clients to reoccupy the property.
  • Following the purchase of a plot by a developer client our client found out that within the plot a strip of Land did not belong to them and therefore prevented development. We identified the pressure points early on this matter and advised on a commercial basis.
  • Our client had problems with a neighbor who whilst carrying on works in his own garden caused damage to our client’s garden. He also had complete disregard for our client’s property rights. Despite numerous attempts at coming to a reasonable settlement our client was awarded costs and damages following a trial.
  • We successfully defended a claim for damages for obstruction of an easement and an injunction. This case involved a protruding platform, an advertising hoarding and access.
  • We have acted for Landlords and Tenants in claims for dilapidation’s including properties let to Borough Council of Calderdale. This was a claim brought against the Council when they leased three different properties at different times and merged them. They refused to restore them to the original state. Although the matter did not settle at mediation the Council eventually agreed to pay damages and costs.
  • We have acted for landlords and tenants in cases involving rent arrears and re-entry of premises by the landlord (known as forfeiture).
  • We have also instructed High Court Enforcement Agents to enforce the payment of debts through the Commercial Rents Arrears Recovery process (CRAR).
  • On behalf of a Tenant we have made applications to the Court to prevent a Landlord from forfeiting a Lease and from presenting a Petition for our client’s Winding Up.

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