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Blackburn Legal Services

Personal & Commercial Blackburn Legal Services

We offer more than simple legal services, we provide our clients with tangible, pragmatic solutions to their legal issues.

If you can’t find a service that directly addresses the issue you are having, then of course, please get in touch to arrange an appointment to come in and speak with us.

Commercial Conveyancing

With a specialist and proactive team fighting your corner to minimise stress and maximise efficiency when buying or selling commercial property, our conveyancing department can help solve your property conundrums and add value.

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Blackburn Legal Services - Commercial Conveyancing

Blackburn Legal Services - Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing

Our friendly, approachable staff is with you every step of the way as we understand and appreciate the stressful process of buying a home. For most people it will be the largest transaction they undertake, with this in mind we act in your best interests, impartially and with efficiency, making the process clear, concise and straightforward.

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Sharia Finance

Our team of experts are on hand to support all of your Sharia compliant finance products, including home finance and commercial instruments.

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Blackburn Legal Services - Sharia Finance

Blackburn Legal Services - Immigration


The complex immigration system in the UK can be tough to navigate for those unfamiliar with the law. We can help guide you through the immigration maze with honest, reliable advice.

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Sharia Wills

With Sharia law unrecognised in English courts, wills prepared in accordance with these laws rarely stand up to legal scrutiny or challenge. Let us help you ensure your wills are legally valid and tax efficient.

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Legal Service - Sharia Wills

Commercial Legal Services

Commercial Legal Services

We have great insight into the business world of the twenty-first century – after all, we’re operating in it! We offer comprehensive commercial legal services to corporate businesses of all sizes and structures.

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Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney

The sensitive area of Wills can be complicated. It can be difficult to balance the competing interest of immediate family and relatives with the added burden of making your will tax efficient.

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